Our Company

Healing Chambers International (HCI) is headquartered on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

A team comprising of people with complementary skills sets, we have invested the past 36 months achieving the following to prepare for market entry:

  • detailed market research;
  • global competitor analysis;
  • expert clinical evaluation;
  • specialised medical training;
  • medical device design;
  • risk assessment;
  • detailed budget projections;
  • preparation for global certifications; and
  • consulted with industry experts here and overseas.

Value Proposition

HCI will manufacture the world’s finest hardshell hyperbaric oxygen chamber and present a highly profitable business model with a high level of return for our investment partners.

Result in reduced health care costs, better patient outcomes and much improved quality of life.

Competitive Advantage

Being manufactured in Australia and using associated componentry from leading international suppliers, our bio / life-sciences medical device is complementary to world’s best standards and our market price will be extremely competitive in comparison with the world-leading competition.


Through industry leading performance, we will be the most valued and respected hyperbaric chamber manufacturing company in the world.


Healing Chambers is determined to pursue the goal of excellence in carrying out its three-fold mission:

  1. To bring the healing powers of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to those in need at an affordable price;
  2. To implement and maintain standards of excellence for safety and professionalism in hyperbaric medicine; and
  3. To provide comprehensive, ongoing consulting and management services to diversified healthcare organisations interested in building and developing comprehensive wound healing and hyperbaric clinics.

In short, the objective of HCI is to enhance the science of Hyperbaric Medicine, improve the health of people around the world, raise the standards in the provision of HBOT and to proactively support the improvement of skills, knowledge and the tools available to all professionals involved with hyperbaric medicine.


  • Act with integrity, trust and respect.
  • Genuinely welcome, support and care for our clients.
  • Demonstrate leadership in safety, reliability, professionalism and compassion.
  • Develop our people in pursuit of excellence.
  • Insist on and demonstrate teamwork, as well as honest and transparent communication.