Hyperbaric Education and Research Organisation

As an extension of our role as the manufacturer and distributor of the world’s finest hardshell monoplace hyperbaric chambers, while also reflecting our commitment to proactively support the improvement of the global body of knowledge of hyperbaric oxygen treatment, Healing Chambers is in the process of establishing the Hyperbaric Education and Research Organisation, or HERO.

The goal of HERO is to create a global organisation bringing together stakeholders from across the hyperbaric oxygen therapy industry spectrum, including hospitals, medical clinics, research facilities, hyperbaric technicians, patients and carers to share information and contribute to global best practice of Hyperbaric Medicine.

Healing Chambers will work with their clinic operator customers as well as leading international research organisations to collect personally-unidentifiable data on all treatments provided by our chambers. This central repository of information will be shared with the larger HBOT community to contribute to the further understanding of the medicine and raise awareness and acceptance.

In short, the objective of Healing Chambers’ HERO is to enhance the science of hyperbaric medicine, raise the standards in the provision of HBOT and to proactively support the improvement of skills, knowledge and the tools available to all professionals involved with hyperbaric medicine.