Our Chambers

Healing Chambers International manufactures the finest ‘hard shell’ clinical chamber in the world.

These hospital grade medical chambers are considered to be the most comfortable, modern, and patient-friendly chambers used around the world. Treatments in ‘hard’ chambers are between twenty and twenty-five times more effective than air-bag chambers. Patients heal faster and the overall cost is lower.

The chambers are the most technically advanced in the world and surround the patient with 100% medical oxygen within 90-seconds of door seal without masks or hoods. No other hospital-grade ASME-PVHO-1 chamber, with FDA 510-K ‘clearance’ can match this performance or efficiency.

Patients can rely on expertly trained technicians to control their environment and our patients can relax in comfort with concert quality sound and entertainment.

Our chambers offer greater performance (4 ATA), a more spacious treatment environment (44in/110cm internal diameter) and more comfortable patient positioning than any other chamber currently produced under the required regulations for clinical treatment.

Our chamber has been carefully designed to ensure maximum patient safety, while maintaining ease of operation by the fully-trained nursing staff. With little chance of patient confinement anxiety (such as experience in narrow acrylic tubes), patient treatment protocols will be finished rather than stopped short due to discomfort, boredom, or fear of confinement. This alone will increase revenues and reduce marketing costs.

Extensive industry experience and hands-on patient care during the design process have led to the construction of the most robust, patient sensitive clinical hyperbaric chamber offered. As the design emerges from years of actual patient treatments, our chamber addresses the clinical and patient needs with versatile configurations:

  • Stainless steel fabrication
  • PED/CE/ANSI/ASME PVHO-1 certifications
  • 4 ATA pressure capability
  • Customer choice as a monoplace ‘Class B’ chamber or a ‘Class A’ multiplace chamber
  • In both configurations, ventilator support and electro diagnostic monitoring is available
  • The chamber is energised with 100% oxygen, but can be switched to air with oxygen delivery by mask or hood
  • Large doorway permits easy patient placement and removal by nursing staff
  • Severely contracted patients are easily loaded and accommodated
  • Spacious compartment allows treatment of very large and heavy patients
  • Superb patient entertainment system
  • Variable patient positioning can reduce chances of aspiration
  • Wound care cushions and infinite patient positioning reduce pressure and sheer on problem wounds
  • Complete US National Fire Protection Agency – NFPA 99 compliance

Our chamber features cutting-edge design technology. Small enough to fit a space-of-opportunity within the clinic or hospital and permits hands-on medical care of acutely ill patients and is ideal for medical research programs.