International Clinical Applications of HBOT

From the ​”Textbook of Hyperbaric Medicine” by world renowned neurosurgeon and HBOT expert, Dr. K.K. Jain, international clinical applications of HBOT are as follows:

NB: With respect to treatments which will be made available to patients in Australia, Healing Chambers will recommend to clinics that they treat conditions only covered by Medicare and private health insurers, under guidelines by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Decompression Sickness
Cerebral Air Embolism
Carbon Monoxide and Other Tissue Poisons
Bone and Soft Tissue Infections
– Progressive Bacterial Gangrene
– Necrotising Fasciitis
– Nonclostridial Myonecrosis
– Gas Gangrene
– Fungal Infections
– Ostemyelitis
​​Chronic Lyme Disease
Wound Healing, Plastic Surgery and Dermatology
– Ulcers due to Arterial Insufficiency
– Diabetic Ulcers
– ​Decubitus Ulcers
– Infected Wounds
– Frostbite
– Spider Bite
– Refractory Perineal Crohn’s Disease
Management of Radionecrosis and Osteoradionecrosis
Neurological Disorders
​Management of Stroke
​Global Cerebral Ischemia/Anoxia and Coma
– Head Injury / Traumatic Brain Injury
– Spinal Cord Injury
– Brain Tumours
​Multiple Sclerosis
Management of Cerebral Palsy
– Migrane
– Cluster Headaches
​Cardiovascular Diseases
– Peripheral Vascular Disease
​Hematology and Immunology
– Stem Cells
– Immune System
​Pulmonary Disorders
​Pediatric Surgery
Traumatology and Orthopedics
– Crush Injuries
– Battle Casualties
– Rheumatoid Arthritis
– Tinnitus
– Sudden Deafness
– Meniere’s Disease
– Facial Palsy
​Obstetrics and Neonatology
​Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine

​​NB: Healing Chambers advises that any treatment of HBOT can only be done with a consultation, and then referral, by a trained hyperbaric Physician and undertaken only by specially trained hyperbaric technicians.